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Created by Michael Milo. A long time friend of mine from way back in the day. This is one of his many projects that I had the privilege to work with him on. I love the character Flavio. A very funny goat that in some ways remind me of Don Novello's character Father Guido Sarducci, from Saturday Night Live. This was a pilot production but I believe that it will become a popular show giving way to a series.

To view my background designs and color work for Flavio click this link : FLAVIO, or go back to the Animation Page and click on the Flavio  linked Icon.

For more information and back story on Flavio go to these websites.


 Constant Payne


Created by Micah Wright, Constant Payne was a pilot show at Nickelodeon Animation Studios.    I designed a few backgrounds for the main pitch and also for the production.  These are just a few.



 Minor Development Projects

CHRONICLES OF THE KING was a direct to video production and ZORRO was a regularly scheduled show on CBS.  For both of these productions I created color keys and pre-production artwork.




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