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When it comes to design I pretty much grab the bull by the horns.  This will usually mean that I am stretching my resources and talents to get the end result that I am working to achieve.  Below is just a glimpse of some of my finished works.


 Winston Butts Project

Winston Butts: "Going Out of My Head"
This was a fun little project.  I shot the photos, retouched the final images and designed the jewel case layout.  Thanks to Martha Callendar for makeup and location, Isabelle Callendar for modeling and a few friends to lend a hand in lighting and set dressing this all resulted in a nice final package for Winston.  He was extremely happy with the final product.

Below are some shots taken from the shoot. 


 Sinister Quin Project

Below are several photographs of me in the moment.  Working through to the early hours in the morning is the norm for me as I am at  my best, in the zone and usually lost in what I'm doing.  Not the healthiest of habits but it does lead to interesting  and memorable moments during the creative process.  My reference photos are from the album cover photo session taken by photographer Michael "Mad-man" Turner.

The photos where taken during a promotional campaign for the hip-hop duo SINISTER QUIN.  I was in the midst of painting a billboard for their premiere party.  At this point in the project I completed designs for their poster and CD/DVD packages.  The photos are followed by a few pictures from the actual premiere event.  

In the last photo, taken by Les Smeidt (photographer of the finished artwork for the  Nyjon CD cover), I'm finishing up a Van Gogh inspired painting  for a CD album cover for the artist NYJON.  At that time, a newly released CD single , "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".  A tribute to George Harrison. 

Initial lay in and
Detailing Quin's

Quin and the Wiz finished
and now for the purple
haze.  T ightening the top

Blocking in the "purple haze".
The Last stage of painting before
laying in the text.

The final billboard.
Ready for the event.
Maybe, one more coat
of Dumar's varnish.

The artists
Sinister Quin
and Billboard.

The premiere event at Club Coda, Sherman Oaks, CA
A great turn out for the event.

DVD cover art

Huh, Van Gogh?!

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