It's Just What Happened


These are just a few of the  illustrations I created for Bill Hill who wrote and published a book based upon his life experiences, prompted by a near-death traffic accident in which he nearly lost his life.

Waking from a coma he was inspired to write a whimsical account of his life based upon experiences he had growing up in Las Vegas juxtaposed with his trip (what he somewhat remembers) in an ambulance ride to a hospital where he was placed in intensive care.

Since the book release Bill Hill has been on a steady coarse of promoting.    With an online review and write up on and a guest spot on Daily a web cast show on LVrocks out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Bill is making some head way.  So far, he has sold well over a hundred copies. 

The Style and approach to these drawings where intentionally sketchy and somewhat loose which I believe lends  to the flavor and humor of the book.  Kind' a along the lines of college humor and the like. 

Each drawing is titled after the chapter in which the artwork was placed.





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