Kid Notorious was designed and animated in Burbank, CA.     On a shoestring budget and with lot's of vodka martini's.  Robert Evans favored the cosmopolitan version.  In fact, when the show wrapped each crew member received their very own individual "Kid Notorious" martini shaker.  Complementary vodka was also supplied via Robert Evans favorite distillery...hic * I forgot the name.

This one tool would have been handy during the last stages of production when all hell broke loose.  Needless to say, all the crew members survived and the show came out looking great.  Many rose and many fell during the coarse of this production.   But in true Hollywood fashion the sparks flew, metal was forged, tempers tested and egos exposed, crushed and humbled.  All in the name of, as Robert put it,  "irreverence".

Below are just a few samples of my work.  Flash rendered BG's, props and a few penciled layouts.  Part way through production I was promoted to background supervisor. This show had its problems and the production schedule was pretty brutal.  But, all in all, I think everyone walked away from this show with some pretty impressive portfolio pieces.

For more information and back story on Robert Evan's and the Kid Notorious show go to these various links:



  Background Design 

These BG's below were rendered in Flash MX.  Files were re-sampled due to large files sizes so what you see displayed will be their raster versions.








 Prop Design

Props for the most part were designed much like the backgrounds.  Traditionally laid out in pencil and paper, scanned and rendered out in Flash MX.





 Background Layout

These are just a few of my layouts which show the initial foundation for Flash created backgrounds.  





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